My Journey...

Hi, my name is Ryan and I'm a channel for the higher 7th thru 12th dimensional divine spirit (energy) realms.  I heal people in person, remotely, or for a big group (remotely or in person) doesn't matter. I also do clearings of 4th dimensional earthbound dark / negative entities (ghosts) from you and/or your home remotely or in person.

My road to the discovery of my natural mediumship abilities started in the fall of 2008 when I crashed my motorcycle riding home from work.  I died (crossed-over) and was sent back. After I recovered, the police told me that they saw my type of crash scene all the time and said that there was no good reason why I survived. I knew I wasn't done with my life's purpose so I started searching for answers. So after a few years of serious reflection and head-scratching, my spiritual journey started unfolding in 2011 when I met a healer by the name of Audie Herron -- and he was one of the kindest men that I had ever met in my life... what a beautiful soul.


In the spring of 2015, I decided to have a reading with a medium in which it was revealed that I had natural mediumship abilities. Now what? That was all the info I was given, which left me confused because it was such a broad statement and it made me think harder and look deeper within myself. In hindsight, it was a watershed moment for me. Then, early in the summer of 2015, things began to unfold rapidly as physical sensations (ice coldness, dampness, 'air' flow, warmth, soft current, etc) would INSTANTLY manifest themselves in/around my hands when I would focus my thoughts on someone who I knew was in any kind of physical pain or needed help in some way emotionally, like feeling "in the dumps."


Confused, I contacted another medium as I felt nudged that there might be something spiritually related going on that my doctors couldn't explain. By asking the right questions to one of my spirit guides (who stepped forward), I was told that I incarnated into this lifetime as a healer. All my previous incarnations (everything I learned, experienced, etc) have culminated into this one life and I was waking up to who I truly am -- a lightworker.


I don't have all the certifications that many others have and show -- God / Source never gave me one with this natural ability. The divine spirits' energies can heal holistically on four different levels: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, and Emotional. It can also help strengthen any 'clair' or 'mediumship' abilities that you may already have or bring to the surface the abilities yet to be experienced.


Today, as a healer, through my spirit team (as I call them), we work on healing a broad spectrum of complications such as diseases, physical ailments, and emotional issues -- you name it.



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