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akashic records

Your akashic records contains all the lives that your soul experiences for growth.  They can be accessed by you when the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is traced on you during a healing session.  Watch your dreams (keep a log for reoccurring themes) and the many lives that you have will make themselves known to you as either flashbacks of scenes (some pleasant, others not so much) or as metaphors in which you need to decipher to learn and grow from.  And the reason, I believe, that you're show this information is because there are loose ends out there with relationships that need to be tied up and/or amended.  In other words, perhaps you had a conflict with someone in a previous life and it went unresolved because someone died and amends weren't made.  That's unfinished business.  Especially if the offenders are in your soul group.  They may have incarnated with you again in this lifetime and you may wonder why you just can't seem to get along with that person?  And I think we all know someone like that. 

Case in point, back in 1950, I was a 30 something mechanic.  To make a long story short, I slept with my brother's wife.  He lost his job, found out about the affair and tried to kill me with drugs.  He failed, I got mad, so I killed him with my bare hands. I know this because I had a flashback of the murder scene in reoccurring dreams where I literally bashed his face in out of rage in my car.  Then I killed myself later out of guilt.  My brother is my brother-in-law today.  I had to find a way to make amends with him -- and after I did, the dreams (more like nightmares) went away!  And I think Erik Medhus nailed it perfectly.......awareness, that it's 1000 times easier for you to make things right while you and they are in physical form. Tricky stuff to work on from the other side. We have the power to turn and say I love you and look in the eyes of our beloved...try that from the other side lol. #akashicrecords

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