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In Divine Hands

Write down on a piece of paper 15X, 'I'm divinely blessed, protected, and guided at all times" on the left side of the paper. Each time you right that sentence listen to see if you hear an argument in your mind and if so, write it down on the right side. It may say 'Really? I don't think so'. By the time you've reached maybe the 10th sentence, the voice that you would otherwise is probably all but gone.

Your thoughts are powerful as are setting your intentions for healing. I like the picture in this blog because when I call in my spirit team, although I can't see the white light energy (yet), I can feel the intensity and energetic field -- and that's close to what it looks like if I could make it visible.

Most ppl are capable of receiving spirits healing energies -- but the intensity and degree to what you want to experience from them are soley up to you. To get the most from spirit, a couple of things are needed from you: 1) Have no doubts/fears/anxiety and put your belief system down on the table bc spirit doesn't care by what name you call god/source/buddha/allah/higher power/etc. Everyone experiences spirit differently and on different levels -- some can't see or feel the divine energy but it's real and present....think about the last time you got an electric shock -- you couldn't see it but you felt it. 2) Get into a postive state of being, and be willing and accept that you'll receive. Sometimes that can be tough especially if you're in difficult times perhaps a severe depression...sometimes just crying it out and saying, 'please help me!', or 'okay, I'm ready, I don't know what's going on, but I'm ready' is the permission slip spirit needs from you...bc they can't come into you without your permission. 3) Finally, clear your mind. Put the brakes on the commotion in your head, and surrender yourself. Conversely, if you've got your mind on your kids, work, or the stuff you have to deal with later on, then you are robbing yourself of the full experience that is yours to have -- and you deserve that mini time-out for yourself. <3



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