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The Power of Manifestaton

I was talking to a friend that i grew up with about this subject -- known her since the dead sea was sick. And whenever I post or PM someone, I'm always autowriting through my spirit team (as I call them). So I'll share the following about manifesting:

We have 4 planes of existence: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. All mental thought forms in your head are energy (they come from spirit, your angels and guides) and are governed by what we know of as Einstein's energy equation E=MC^2. That's why spirit is timeless, because spirit is pure energy.

So when you have a thought and you write it down, you've just manifested that thought from the non-physical (mental plane) into the physical plane (pen and paper). And then you take action. It's that simple.

Case in point. You open the frig. It's getting bare. You begin to 'think' about what you need. Then you write it down. Then you do it (go to the store, etc). You've just gone full circle and manifested an energetic thought form into physical reality. The same applies to everything else in your life.

So if you really think about it, you are a master manifestor of your own being in this extremely difficult master classroom called Earth!

But just know that if you're caught chewing bubblegum in class, you will get a detention and that's how that works.

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