What you may experience....

Everyone's experience is different and tailored to what their needs are. Please know that you don't always get what you want, but what you need for your highest good. In many cases you do get what you want. Such as relief from pain, emotional healing etc. There is nothing that I know of that these energies can not do.


Spirit directs everything -- as I am a conduit that channels these divine energies.  Below are some of the more common experiences that people have reported back to me after their sessions and from their reviews.

  • A feeling of warmth and happiness.

  • A blanket of calmness comes over them.

  • Feeling tingly all over (energy flowing).

  • Some go right to sleep (spirit will put you to sleep so that more serious work can be done without you experiencing pain, etc).

  • Twitching of body parts, fingers, eyes, feet, etc.

  • Swallowing (a lot).

  • Numbness in certain body parts for a short period of time as old injuries heal.

  • Stomach gurgling noises as the energy moves in you.

  • Visions of colors, lights, beings, animals etc.

  • Being surrounded by benevolent beings in your mind's eye.

  • Feeling a cool breeze blow across your body.

  • Increased pain in an area the was previously injured or is injured, as it heals more fully.

  • Floating out of your body.

  • Deeper fuller breathing and also minimal breathing.

  • Feeling like someone is holding a part of your body down.

  • Sudden jerks in your body / arms / legs as it realigns.

  • Uncontrollable crying with joy.

  • Seeing and talking to spirit.

  • Feeling intense energy throughout your body the day of the session.

  • Feeling very tired after the session's done.

  • Feeling your heart or crown chakras open.

  • Feeling pressure inside of your head, or hearing popping sounds in your head.

  • Feeling of nirvana during or after a session.

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